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Caring for a loved one can bring up many challenges.  You may be transitioning into a new role as a caregiver, in a crisis situation, or just need additional support at this time.  We often talk about how important it is to maintain a good quality of life; this pertains to the one needing your care AND to you.  I want you to have all of the resources and support you need.  I would like to help ease the caregiver journey to prevent caregiver burnout.  I can support you through my psychotherapy practice.

I also offer problem-solving and concrete resources to clients who are only looking for information (and not ongoing psychotherapy).  I am available on an hourly basis to help you work through how to meet the care needs you have for your loved one until you have a plan in place, generally quite short-term, and sometimes after 1 meeting.  I have over 15 years of experience working with patients and their care providers in acute care and home health settings.  I have provided discharge planning from the hospital and know about what insurance covers.  I am familiar with chronic conditions.  I also have experience working with patients and families on advance care planning and as end of life approaches.  I can assist with those difficult conversations.

Caregiver Support Services: Resources
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